Everything He Does is Wonderful

Wonderful. The usual kind of word given if we do something well and good. When we say wonderful, we always mean it as great, best, awesome, beautiful, and amazing. We never consider it as chaff. We always think of it as something as favorable maybe to others and to us. The truth is the acts of Jesus made the people exclaimed that “Everything He Does is Wonderful”. And this made me pause for a while and reflect “that everything He does in my life is wonderful”.¬†

That I will always be in good health because that’s wonderful.
That I will have long life and He will show to me His salvation because this is wonderful.
That I will always be successful and His favor is my shield because it’s wonderful.
That I will prosper, hopeful, and will have a good future because its wonderful.
That I will always be protected because everything He will do is wonderful.
That no temptation will ever trap me because this is wonderful.
That I will always be joyful, peaceful, and righteous because His Kingdom is wonderful.
That everyday, I can expect wonderful things to happen because His presence, His Spirit, His grace, makes everything wonderful.

And so the challenge will always be, to stay with Jesus, His grace, and His presence. Apart from Him, where will the wonders be. Our strength is limited, our kindness fades, we can’t do miracles, we can’t see what’s in the heart of people, and we can’t change ourselves nor others. We can’t have peace with all the chaos around but when He is in our hearts, it’s amazing how we become peaceful and calm. It’s wonderful how we can have genuine smile despite what we are going through.

Today, let us thank Him of His presence, His grace, His mercy, and His goodness. He is an awesome God and everything He does in our lives is indeed wonderful. We can walk and work with an expectation that today, everything that Jesus will do in our life is wonderful.

Mark 7:37 
They were completely amazed and said again and again, “Everything he does is wonderful. He even makes the deaf to hear and gives speech to those who cannot speak.”


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