Handling Frustrations

Was there ever a time in your life where you desire something too much, you pursue it with all your might and lo and behold, there is nothing that comes out of it, and so, there goes….FRUSTRATION.

Alright, that’s me. I was just sitting at my usual favorite chair at Jollibee Mango, tried to check if wi-fi was working but it wasn’t. I tried and tried again countless times but oh goodness, it never get me connected to any social site I longggged wanted to, so bad, so much. In my desperation, I texted my ever ready boyfriend to load my prepaid net with all the excitement that in a short while I can browse Facebook and like some posts and pictures, imagining what the people I admire written on twitter, wanting to do google and see how cute the baby boy of Prince William and Kate will be but sighs, nothing like what I really wanted happened. I texted and called my boyfriend because I just believe he can do everything for me but grrrr, goodness gracious, disconnected. And so I was FRUSTRATED.

I had my lunch still with expectations that my prepaid network Internet will work but it never did. I turned on and off the iPad thinking that it might do some magic but oh sun network, why were you so affected with the rain. And come to think of it, I got a text message early in the morning that our quartet will be moved next week and to add some more our scheduled Bible Study will be moved next week as well. I am not under the law but under grace but why oh why, there’s still oh Murphy’s Law. If I can add some more, my shoes is not good for rainy season because when it’s wet and when I take it off, it’s like the people around you will be slain under the Holy Spirit but oh they will be slain with the smell of my feet. That must be so embarrassing! I figured out that my meeting with people must be on some places where I will not be slapped in shame when I take off my shoes.


At that moment, I’ve got two choices. Am I going to live in frustration simply because what I wanted to have and what I wanted to do did not work? Or I can look at the other side of life and thank God that He gave me the opportunity to share my blessings and basked in the knowledge that He is where I am and He is still in control? By His grace, He made me make the right choice. He brought me back to the purest Word ever, His very Word. His Word is worth to like, worth to follow, and the cutest to reflect. His Word is more than google, more than twitter, more than Facebook, and more than my cravings in this social media. 

The rain heavily poured and it made me look for a place of safety. I gathered my thoughts down and write about handling frustration. I saw my phone blinking in blue and somebody texted me that someone is celebrating her birthday, a connect group assistant leader and I was invited. The scales of questions in my eyes fell and I began to understand that today, God meant me to be with Grace and if I can tell you more, today, He wants me to embrace His GRACE because His GRACE is sufficient for me.

2 Corinthians 12:9
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ power may rest on me.

So, how to handle frustrations? Embrace Grace. Embrace Jesus. Embrace His peace, His joy, and His righteousness. Things may not go well as to how we want it to be but if we acknowledge Him as the driver of our lives, we can be sure as well that His directions in our lives is far better than the direction that we think is best for us. We can be sure too that His choice is better than the choice we think is best.

I could have been discouraged, depressed, disappointed, and maybe live in frustration all throughout the day, but hey, what could be better than to simply rest and trust that today, Jesus is in charge and all the forces of nature agree together that I’m not going to the North, the Central Area of Cebu is His agenda for me. 

The Internet connection still did not work, the Connect Group Opening has already been cancelled, the Quartet Crusade has been moved next week but my view of life changed. I am now peacefully going to His directions, letting go of frustrations and disappointments, will go and celebrate with Grace and is EMBRACING and ENJOYING HIS GRACE.


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