Jesus Is Everything

Waking up with my Bible beside me, my purple backpack that I so loved, and my purple teddy bear too. I reached to my Bible with my very beautiful blue pens case and read my Bible. It is just so amazing. I began to understand how Jonah pointed back to Jesus and how greater He is than the wisdom of Solomon. I realized many who prayed for healing but can’t be healed because even if Jesus wants to, many loves to be healed but not accepting the healer yet. I so pray that we all have an encounter of His Divine Love which is so incomparable.

And so this morning, this just made me think all the more over how blessed I am to have known Jesus not just as someone told to me from my ancestors but as the Savior I experience on a daily basis. The Jesus I know in the Bible is just so forgiving, so loving, so caring, and so gentleman. 

Wow. What a privilege to be chosen. What a joy it is to tell others of who He is. For without Him, where would I be. I’ve seen His hands firsthand. And yes, I may not have everything the world craves here on earth but nothing can compare over the joy, peace, and righteousness I have with Jesus. 

Thank you Jesus for loving me this much. You are everything to me.


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