Let Us Be The Change We Want To See

I was walking with my backpack as my faithful company when a thought came into my mind. Who am I around with most of the time? What am I listening into? What am I reading? What am I watching most of the time? What’s in my mind? What comes out in my mouth when I talk?¬†

You see, I came from a poor family but poverty mentality did not take root in my heart. God blessed me with rich and well to do classmates and what they have gave me a vision of what I want in life. I never thought that I am intelligent as well but I was surrounded with intelligent people and their good study habits rubbed off on me. I got their discipline, their determination, their passion to excel, their way of thinking, their fighting spirit, and their never die attitude. With these people, everything is I CAN and the I CANT’S aren’t welcome. I feel the same way too that I became a laughing stock to the mediocre.¬†

Fast forward, I got to know Jesus and I have everything I need to reach my destiny. I am backed up by His promises which are all yes and amen. But there’s something that hinders me in breaking fort my potential. I’m no longer as positive as I used to. I become laid back and I become contented with the status quo. Mediocre thinking has become normal to me and I become so comfortable to be average.¬†

I thought about it and something like an inner small voice speaks to me. And then I begin to think of what consumes me. The people I’m around with. The kind of materials I am reading. The words I listened to and accepted. The kind of habit that I got from people I look up to. The kind of shows I am watching. The kind of words I am speaking.¬†

Thank God for a boyfriend who always reminds me of His promises. Thank God for few close friends who are dreamers, Thank God for great men and women of God who are gifted encouragers. He made me push through life. He put dreams that I am beginning to catch it on again.

And with all these realizations, I am making a decision to throw all the garbages that the enemy is trying to pollute over me. I stop reading the life of celebrities who looks perfect in magazine. I stop listening to all these accusing voices telling me of what I can’t do. I begin to be choosy with what I need to hear and I surround myself with all these great men and women of God most I observe from a distance but their excellence spirit rubbed off on me. I am beginning to speak life in all social media and start to empower people through His Words.¬†

Yes, we cannot change people. We cannot change their outlook in life. We can’t change the way they see things. We cannot change their opinion about us. But we can make a decision for change. We can be the change we want to see. If the people around us are average, we can make a decision to be the first one to excel. If they are negative, let us begin to speak words that uplifts and bless people. Instead of demanding change from people, let us be the first one to change.

We can because greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. 

Let’s make where we are a better place to live.


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