Love is a Commitment

I’ve heard it again and again, LOVE is not a feeling, it’s a commitment. It’s a commitment to be with that person for forever in the high’s and lows in life. In good and bad, in joys and sorrows, in laughters and mornings, it’s bound for forever.

It’s like I always see my father everyday. I’ll always see him in his shorts, in his blue shirt, in his cap, his old slippers and many times in silence. Often times, it’s just the two of us in the house, not even saying a word but I know that he loves me. I hurt him, he hurts me but true love goes beyond hurts. It’s laying someone’s life for someone you love. Not leaving. Not rejecting. Just being present.¬†

Last night I sensed danger as I went home. The devil is in operation at¬†midnight¬†maybe wanting to kill me, rape me, get my belongings, I don’t really know. I saw him on a look out watching if he could have a chance to get me but the Holy Spirit inside of me sound the alarm, DANGER AHEAD!!!! I could see it in my spirit. The Bible said in Proverbs 22:3-4 (NIV) [3] A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. I back track a little bit and see if I am going to be safe down hiding behind houses. I prayed a very simple uncomplicated prayer ever, “I need you Jesus”. I called my sister Liza if papa could fetch me and minutes later, I saw him in his silence. There he was again, in his same shirt, same brown slippers, same cap with a flashlight. He did not say a word. He just look at me and I know what he meant, you will arrive home safe. He went ahead of me with the flashlight as our light. We walked in silence, locked the wooden door, turned off the light, lay in bed with a safe assurance, I’m safe HOME.

Papa did not say anything. No words but everything in silence. There was no anger. There was no condemnation. There was no promises. Nothing. Yet, there was this SAFETY just by having PAPA around.

In life, we may not always have our physical father. Maybe some of you don’t have a father. Maybe others are not in good terms with your own father. Whatever. But can I tell you something? Jesus is always around. He give us His Holy Spirit. He always makes His presence felt. Yeah many times, He is not saying anything. But there is something about His presence. His presence that says, don’t worry, you are safe with me. His presence which has been proven on the Cross. His presence which reminds us that He loved us even when were still sinners.¬†

My sleep was so pleasant at night. I woke up welcomed by a cloudy day with few drops of rain, the stare of my sister Liza, and the silence of my PAPA, hmm there were drop of wisdom but for my good. I savor the moment. I thank him of His presence. I thank Him of His signs of warnings. I thank Him about a profound lesson of love which is commitment. No words. But life laid. For someone’s sake. Deep love. Shown by my earthly father, by my sisters and brother. Shown by my boyfriend.¬†

Deep love. Proven by Jesus. On the Cross.

1 John 4:10 (NIV)
[10] This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins




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