Managing Reactions

Emotions,Anger Management

Did you ever try to be so into something and you think like what you are doing is so great and superb? Then you put the people into it and they have a negative reaction so contrary to what you think as wonderful, superb, and amazing? 

Okay that’s me. I put my everything into something and I thought that everyone will say yes because it’s not for me but for Jesus but it shocks me to have known that it was not receive as coming from Jesus but from me. The person could not somehow accept that it was a privilege and think of it as WORK or maybe this person has other reasons in mind only Jesus knows.¬†

From my cellular phone to my email add, I could see this person’s name appearing and trying to tell me that I am not listening and I am not giving chance to others. It’s like I am blind and I don’t know what I am doing.¬†

I was almost like wanting to bite the tactic of the enemy and go into having a bad day and a bad mood when a thought came into my mind. 

“If I will get mad and get even, will it change the situation?”
“If I will stoop down on that level, will it make me a better me?”
“If I will think about all the messages sent to me and dwell on it, will it bless me?”
“If I will react and defend me, will it makes me a winner?”
“If I will attack the person in the social media, will i gain respect from people I know and I do not know?”

The truth is, nothing would really change except the fact that I will only be restless and unhappy. And by riding along, I will therefore make the devil win and on a later time feel guilty and regret over why did I ever react on a simple issue which is not worth the attention in the very first place.

And so, the Holy Spirit inside of me led me to act and behave as the classy princess. He taught me to manage my reactions by not reacting, by not answering back to text messages and by not replying to mail messages. His grace captivates me. I wanted to get mad but I can’t for a simple reason that He lavished me with so much love. There is nothing in my heart but His goodness, His mercy, and His love.¬†

It’s pretty amazing. This is not the me in the past. But the more I behold on Jesus, the more He did something inside my heart. He gives me so much rest and so much peace. He gives me so much joy despite the odds. I did not fight for me, He fights for me.

As for me, I follow what King David did. I choose to hear nothing and I make no reply. For I am waiting for Him, my God. He must answer me, my Lord, my God (Psalm 38:14-15).




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