We Have The Authority


So there I was shocked over a flow being changed by someone. I put the person’s name and the person changed it and assigned someone else. Wow! The truth is, at that moment, the person’s right to do is to either obey or maybe to say no but to change it? That was not the person’s task.¬†

At that moment, I could have freaked out and spoke anything hurtful towards that person. I could have get angry for disobedience, rebellion, independent spirit, and make the person feel guilty that the action is as simple as insubordination. 

But, as I was looking at it, the thought just came into my mind. It’s something that should not moved me for a very simple reason that I was given the authority to make decisions. So there it goes. I looked at the flow, got it and throw it in the trash can. I printed something and I made a decision over what to do. I go on with the activity without making a big fuss, not moved and at peace. I was given the authority to decide best and the best decision at that moment is not to do what someone else would like to do.

Then it dawned on me. The Holy Spirit taught me a very valuable lesson worth remembering. In my life, being the Child of God, Jesus has the over all authority and then He passed it all to me. I can cast out demons in His name. I can trample on snakes and drink anything poisonous and it won’t harm me. I can lay my hands on the sick and the sick will be healed. I have the authority to be victorious because He fights the battle for me. I have the authority against the enemies because the enemy has already been defeated and is under my feet. I can stay in peace, I can smile all the time and not be moved by the threat of the enemies.¬†

Today, the enemy may like to take a hold of your life, but I ask you to stand on your ground being the Child of God. Don’t ever give in to the forceful threat of the enemy but take hold of His promises because all His promises are yes and we can say AMEN.¬†

Don’t let the threat of the enemy moved you and you falling and bowing before him. Look up and know that you have the authority in Jesus and your life will be a great life and life more abundantly.


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