Great Day

This is just one Wednesday afternoon. My shiny black bag became heavy. My shoulders hurt a little and I think I need a little break from walking from one hospital to another visiting a brother in the Lord who is sick and visiting a sister in the Lord who is about to give birth. Thankfully, the half day walk has become so light as I was walking and visiting along with Sis. Sweet. Our beautiful conversation about the goodness of God was never put to rest but I somehow begin to feel the heaviness of my bag when she has to go to her own appointment and I have to go mine.

Mc Donald was so inviting as I saw the yellow M from a distance and what better way I think to get a little break but to rest in their black plastic chair and comfort myself with the coolness and sweetness of coke float on the side.

The coolness of the air-conditioning unit begin to penetrate on my tiny body and my shoulder slowly embrace the break as my bag is now sitting beside me so opened that it looks like it does want to breathe as well.

It’s amazing how a little rest refreshes my body, how it relaxes my arms and how it gives clarity on my mind. Alone on my chair so many good thoughts raging on my mind.

I thank God that my bag might be heavy which is first my choice, (how can I leave with a small bag), He blessed me with strength and joy.

I thank God that even though I am still single, He give me the opportunity to serve others and to share the responsibilities in the home.

I thank God that He enable me to know Him more, having a revelation of His healing power at work in my life and is back up by His very precious word.

I thank God for the gift of health and wellness, yes, health is wealth after all.

I thank God for great opportunities to pray for people and to even share His Word to others which will open their spirit into a relationship with Him.

I thank God that despite having no load on my phone and having my postpaid cut off that His power is never cut off but always on.

I thank God for His Holy Spirit who is my great comforter, my greatest lover who will never fail.

Life is not going to be perfect but with Jesus on the inside of me, it is sure be beautiful and colorful just like what happened today.

The day is not yet over and I am still excited for a miracle from my powerful Creator.


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