Take It Easy

I woke up hoping against hope that what I deeply wished last night will work out this morning. It’s a new site which is so pretty and it’s colorful and beautiful. Yeah it did not work out last night and I am still hoping that maybe when the iPad can have its Sabbath after too much work that I can copy and paste and do just exactly what I wanted to do that inspires me. And so even if I know that I am still sleepy because I only have two hours of sleep, my desires to see something pretty excites me on the inside. I tinker in my IPad very early in the morning, laying my hands for its healing, singing a song to this new site, and wow it worked in just for a short while but it never lasted long. Whew! Will this ruin my day very early in the morning? My heart really longed to see a new write up posted, it wished to see the new beautiful site on and running but as of this time it did not really cooperate with me.

Yes, it’s early in the morning, you are excited, you hoped and look it did not work out and to be honest there is a little frustration raging on the inside of me. Yeah, I am a little disappointed but what can I do? It’s not the perfect time maybe and I am pretty sure that my friend can do something about it but it’s early in the morning and my friend will still be in the office a couple of times later. Hmm, it could have ruined my day but His amazing grace gives me an amazing peace. Yeah, it did not work out exactly at the time that I needed it to work and yeah I am a little disappointed that it did not run on my exact time table but it made think: What could have happened if I will wait for the perfect time table of God? It’s God right? And everything that He will do is wonderful.

So I take a deep breath, I still keep on writing, see all the beautiful and colorful cute blessings around me, smiled at them hoping that they smiled back at me, thinking of going back to sleep, and thanking Jesus for this beautiful cool hours, having the sun shining back at me and grateful of waking up healthy and strong, oh thank you Jesus for this beautiful day.

In life, we could miss the grandiose gift of life from our Creator if we let a minor disappointment become a major worst sentiment. We can do everything we can, we can hope the best that we can hope, and we can believe that having Jesus on the inside of us makes the impossible possible but at the end of the day the Vine is still greater than the branch.

So having all the dreams on the inside of me, the Holy Spirit reminds me to take it easy and go back to my position of being a branch, sticking to the Vine as natural as it can be. No struggle. No pressure. Yet, as time goes by, the branch flourish, it’s lushly green, healthy, colorful, beautiful, but at peace and not pressured at all.

John 15:5 (NIV)
[5] “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

So, let’s take it easy, Jesus knows everything after all.


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