Word Struck

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed. I heard this often but this is me today, at this hour. It’s like there is something lacking and the search goes on from why am I here? What’s my purpose? Why am I bored? What will I really do here on earth? I am just exactly bored and just keep going on motion. I tweet. I blog. Read other people’s blog. You tube to the max. Scrapbooking. Journaling. Watch preachings of great men. Ministered. But what’s lacking?

I have a simple family. I have a handsome understanding boyfriend. I have money hmm not that much yet hee but I’m not quite poor. I’ve got nice dress, nice bag, good phone, an ipad not my own and an Internet at home. I am in perfect health. But what’s going on?

I wanted to blog all my emotions and tell all of you how bored, useless, purposeless I am but deep inside I can’t somehow swallow the very fact that this blog is for Jesus. But oh where are you Lord? It’s like existing for nothing. Am I depressed? I’m sure I’ve got no PMS too. So what?

I’ve got my Bible and on the inside of me points me to read Colossians. I’m just on the first chapter and oh how His Word struck me. Every Word made sense. Every Word cuts deep down to my heart. Every Word satisfies and fills in the lack in my heart. Every Word washes away boredom. It gives me purpose just a blink of an eye. And it’s just what I completely need. His Word. His presence. His touch. Our time. Together.

Today is just a perfect object lesson. That we can’t find the perfect satisfaction in all these outside temptation of ohhs and ahhs. The call that it’s nicer and grandeur because everyone is doing it. It gives a nice status and people may look at us but it can’t complete the heart. NOTHING in all of THESE THINGS.

I face the fact that today, He let me know that He made me for Him. My happiness is being in His presence. My joy is hearing in His Words. That I am created through Him and for Him (Col 1:16). That He has brought me into his own presence, and that I am holy and blameless and I stand before him without a single fault (Col 1:22). That Christ lives in me (Col 1:27). That I am in this world but I don’t belong in this world. That when I do what the world does, it brings dissatisfaction in my heart because this is not how His Kingdom operates.

Thank you Lord that you give me a complete knowledge of your will and you give me spiritual wisdom and understanding (Col 1:9-10.) Thank you that You strengthened me with all your glorious power so I will have the endurance and patience I need (Col 1:11).



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