Today as I was on the jeepney, I saw a rugged dirty teenager having all the guts to climb right in front of the jeepney entrance braving her way in somewhere I should think. The passengers looked at her with an insult you are not acceptable kind of look. But when I take a closer look on her, I saw that she was pretty and on the inside of me I thought, I wish she will know Jesus. If only she will know Jesus, then I am sure that in the time to come, she will have a bright future. How did I know? I was once like here too. Under my breath I said, if she will get down from the jeepney the time that I will get down too, then I will tell her about Jesus but what a relief it was when she didn’t so I thought hmmm maybe it’s not the time. I went on my way and off to lunch at Mc Donald for my chicken fillet, I was not there for a long time and as I about to get out from Mc Donald, guess who I saw right in front of me? That rugged dirty teenager. The guard did not permit her to get inside and I understand as she told me her story.

I introduced myself to her and told her that she’s pretty. She smiled as if she didn’t hear a thing. I told her, did you know Jesus? She said, somebody told me about Him and that’s just it. I told her to come with me and we will look for a place where I can share to her my sweet Jesus who loves me unconditionally. And so we did. We first get inside Robinson Mall and the guard looked at her signaling her not to get in but I just simply answered back, SHE CAN, SHE IS WITH ME and off she went smiling on her way inside the mall. We went to Jollibee and the guard said, you can’t get in, and there I was again, saying, SHE CAN, SHE IS WITH ME. We lined and waited for her ice cream, I was at her back and when the teller looked at her, that kind of how can you pay kind of look, I said, LET HER IN, I’M PAYING FOR HER, SHE IS WITH ME. She enjoyed her ice cream free from the cruelty of the people around her because I WAS WITH HER and I PAID FOR HER ICE CREAM.

And then, as I was standing there, doing all these things to a complete teenager, the Lord spoke to me.

He said, that’s what it is to be WITH ME. The enemy will intimidate you and tell you that you can’t, but YOU CAN, BECAUSE I AM WITH YOU. The enemy tells you that you are not good enough, but YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH, BECAUSE I AM WITH YOU. The enemy tells you that there is no hope for you but THERE IS HOPE, BECAUSE I AM WITH YOU. The enemy tells you that it’s impossible, BUT IT’S POSSIBLE, BECAUSE I AM WITH YOU. The enemy will tell you that you don’t deserve to live in plenty but YOU DESERVE because I PAID IT IN FULL.

So when God said go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, TO THE VERY END OF THE AGE (Matthew 28:19-20), that just simply means to say, no one can harm you because I AM WITH YOU. No one can just intimidate you because I AM WITH YOU.

Thank you Jesus for YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH ME. Hallelujah!!!


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