Stay the Course

Have you ever tried reaching a goal where you give your all? You think through the night and through the day. You give all your resources. You see little progress. You continue on. Then, when you are about to reach it, you begin to be so tired and along side tiredness, you begin to think of quitting.

The truth is, it is easy to quit when the pressure is on but it is also the turning point of your life when you press through. Victory has already been won by the Lord Jesus Christ but winning in life can’t be manifested through a ghost, it is with a physical body. You allow yourself to be used by God and you make yourself available for His will to come to pass.

Bottom line? Don’t quit because the pressure is on. Press through. Stay in Jesus because He is the way. Believe. Know that if He called you, He will equip you and He will make Himself responsible to help you.

God bless you


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