The Gifted Will Naturally Shine

I just find it so funny but the naturally intelligent and gifted person is not a show off. You put that person on the corner, ignored him/her, and maybe assign him/her on an assignment far away from his/her gifts but that person will still shine. Why? Because a gift deposited by Someone higher cannot be taken away even by all the demons in hell. Given the right timing and the right opportunity, the gifted will naturally shine. Yeah, maybe, the insecure will hide him/her. Maybe the enemy will do something to distract the person because the potential is a major threat. But no matter the distractions, the naturally gifted will still shine because a gift/skill given from Above will just naturally come out no matter the walls. The truth is, no powerful person on earth and hell can stop the gifted.

So if you are out there and you feel being ignored for fear that your gift will be discovered or maybe you are working somewhere and because of your giftings your exposure has been limited, I’m telling you, don’t fear because the one who give you the gifts will make sure that His deposit will not be put to waste. The best that you can do is make sure that you know His deposit of greatness over your life, hone it, sharpen it, invest on it, take care about it and when given an opportunity, even if it is too little, give your best shot for His glory. When face with intimidation, refuse to be distracted but rather, carry it with grace and show your natural gift with the natural you.

Don’t mind the people who always do everything to make you feel less because as you spend more time with Jesus and also with the honing of your skill, the reality of the matter is this, you have so much more to give because hey, you are naturally gifted.

Naturally speaking, you will naturally shine.

God bless everyone.


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