It was one day when I visited you,
I remember your skin were so yellow,
But there was nothing negative about you,
God will heal you, that’s what you saw.

You called and said your heart,
In Mindanao that’s where your healing start,
But you maintain a full faith heart,
Distance could never makes us apart.

You stand strong everyday,
Despite the pain that we did not see,
You motivated me,
Thank you, my heart say.

In times like this I cry,
Sometimes out of the blue I sigh,
I know you’re finally home,
I know you are cheering us on.

In my love life you come in,
Making sure I will not be in pain,
My heart is so secure,
Your motive to help is pure.

But when wedding day will come,
This time without you but with some,
That would be a sad reality,
But it’s temporary, there’s more in eternity.

-I will honestly miss a man who honestly stand strong for me like my father – He is My Kuya Noy-


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