One little child confidently approached me and said, “Carry Me, I want to see the little fish.” I looked up to her and said, hey little girl, did you know that I am so tiny? She looked at me in return and boldly say, you can, you are even taller than me. I picked her up and let her see the little fish down on a fishpond not looking on my deficiency to carry her but because she was so confident enough to boldly believe in me that I can and as a result, she got what she desires in her heart, she happily watched the beautiful and colorful little fishes wiggling on the water.

Jesus said in Matthew 18:3 (NIV) [3] And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

That verse makes sense to me. The truth is, children believes without any hesitation. There is no doubt in their heart that their parents can. They don’t have any double thoughts that they can have what they want. Their thinking isn’t limited by what they see. Their dreams are those that are impossible by adults. They simply believe.

It’s funny that when become adults, we begin to be limited by our futile thinking. We refuse to dream because we see the we can’t and not the we can. We are convinced that only those who are born with a silver platter on their mouth have the right to dream big and to expand in life. We settle on what the majority achieves – mediocrity and unbelief. For most of the times, we become an unbelieving believer. We believe that Jesus died for us to redeem us from our sins but we can’t believe that he healed us from all of our infirmities. We can’t believe that we had been set free from poverty and that He has good plans for us.

But we can rise up higher. We can believe the impossible. We can expand our horizons without being limited by our limited resources. We can reach our dreams by simply stepping on the supernatural and that is by getting our thoughts to be in line with His Words. And when what we see begin to paralyze us, why not observe the little children and begin to believe like how they believe.

Believe that He heals all kinds of sicknesses and diseases.
Believe that He carried every shame to give people confidence.
Believe that became poor to make those put their faith in Him rich.
Believe that God made Him who have no sin to be sin for mankind that in Him – those who believe in Him become the righteousness of God.
Believe that nothing is impossible with Him.
Believe that He is a good Father and He desires to see good things to His children.

Today, have confidence on what Jesus can do to give you the desires of your heart.


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