In the heat of our emotions, sometimes, without thinking, we say things which we are not suppose to speak. Most of the time, we take what we say for granted just to simply satisfy the flesh. We are always carried away by our feelings and circumstances that to confess anything that isn’t in line to His Word is accepted as norm.

When there is no food on the table, the easiest to speak is “there’s nothing and where can we get money to buy food?

When there is no money as extra, we remember those who have surplus and speak of borrowing instead of thanking Him first for provision.

When health is challenged, we speak how terrible the symptoms are instead of speaking health and healing.

When what we prayed for isn’t coming to pass, we agree with defeat and failure instead of thanking Him for success and prosperity.

Well, many times, we are trap by what we say. I remember watching Pastor Dodie Osteen interviewed for her testimony of healing over a metastatic cancer of the liver. She said, many times, she comes to the church so weak having all pains. And when people came to ask her how she was, instead of telling them what she feels and instead of describing to them all the pains, she just simply said, “well, by His stripes I was healed” and she said that over and over again to anyone who asked her how she was. Then she made a comment that she was careful over what she will say because we are trap by the power of our words.

It takes discipline to go beyond an excuse of “I am just human” into calling the things that are not as though they were. It takes the work of the Holy Spirit but if we work along side with the Holy Spirit, we can stand with the supernatural and speak what we would like to say.

God Himself said in Numbers 14:28 (NIV) [28] So tell them, ‘As surely as I live, declares the Lord, I will do to you the very things I heard you say:

That’s what happened to the unbelieving Israelites. They have been given the promise land. They have seen how beautiful it was but they cannot enter it because of their confession except of course for Caleb and Joshua.

Today, I encourage you to dare to confess what God promised He will do instead of being carried away by what seems to be an overwhelming setback. Take God at His Word and see what you believe manifest in your life.

Begin speaking what you would like to see instead of saying what is going in your life today.


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