Happiness Is Our Choice

It was one funny afternoon and I joyfully went to the office with a smile and a song in my heart. I sat quietly, doing what I am suppose to do when all of sudden I receive a not so happy SMS from a disgruntled person who cannot be happy when one is actively happy. I read it and I don’t find it comforting much encouraging. My first thought was, can she never be happy to see me enjoying life despite the not so enjoyable circumstance that’s going on? My flesh wanted to kick back and lash back and my fingers wanted to find the right words to just type on my keypad and say my right to explain myself. But as I was thinking about it, I realized, why would I allow the unhappiness of someone robbed off on me and eventually I will be like that someone is. Wy would I allow the meanness of someone to slide with me when I have so many reasons to smile and laugh and enjoy life. So I looked at my phone, delete the unnecessary messages and begin to hear encouraging messages from Terri Savelle Foy that will inspire me to reach my goals and dreams. I recall God’s Word for me saying that He is the Lord my God twice and savor how He loved me. I thought of how God heals me from having no voice to having my voice back plus my throat is completely healed, I just know it.

Well, the unlikely message I received did not affect me as much as it affect me in the past. it did not robbed off my joy. It did not diminish my thankful heart. God is good and no matter how people will behave in front of me, whether they are good or bad, it really doesn’t matter anymore. As for me, I am fully satisfied in my heart and I will be making the right choice which I am the only one who is in the position to choose – I choose to be happy.

You too can make the right choice by remembering His goodness instead of being swallowed by how unhappy the people around you are.

Have a happy day everyone.


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