A lot of times, I prayed for people for their breakthrough, for creative miracles, for financial increase, for their healing, for restoration of their relationship and so much more. I’ve seen good results and I’ve also seen crashing results, some of which are just so hard to explain.

But did you know, that the people who receive the supernatural miracles are those who believe right on their spirit when a prayer was made? They agree and believe that God will do something over their situation. They went out from the altar refreshed and full of faith that God is going to do something miraculous on their behalf. They believe without a shadow of a doubt that God is Lord and will fight for their behalf. They wake up expecting miracles, financial increase, healing, and restoration. If nothing happens the next day, they are still full of hope and expectant that there is an answer of victory for them. This is real faith. This is believing for something that is present even if it isn’t visible yet.

On the other hand, majority of those who had been prayed for said amen while being prayed but went back to their seats in disbelief. They figured out the how without thinking He can. They receive the prayer in their mind but it’s not stored in their spirit. They are operating in disbelief and as a result, prayers has not been answered.

Well, God is pleased by faith. He is pleased when you still believe on His Word even if healing hasn’t manifest yet. He is pleased when you believe to have a bright future even if your today seems so gloom. He is pleased that you come to Him for help because you believe He has it all figured out for you. He is pleased to see you expectant for an answer because you believe He is a God who will never change His mind.

The Bible said in Mark 11:24, when you pray believe that you have receive it and you will have it. That’s the key to a miracle. Believe. Don’t doubt. Thank Him for your healing. Thank Him for your financial breakthrough. Thank Him for the restoration of a relationship. Thank Him until you see healing, breakthrough, and restoration manifest.

I am fully convinced that God is a God who will never fail if we are only determined to stand on a Word which can be trusted and that’s His Word.

So today if you are praying, EXPECT that HE is a GOOD FATHER who delights to see great things on His children.

EXPECT an answer.

God bless you.


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