Understanding – The Key To Breakthrough

I was just in a place new to me and I saw so many people whom the majority are new to me as well. Their language is new to me. Their pronunciation and diction is so strange. Their culture is new to me that it gives me a little culture shock. Their superiority complex is so visible belittling our being a Filipino. But don’t get me wrong, I also met so many wonderful people but the truth is, going around walking in places did not make me at home, it was when we join the conference at night with so many people from different countries that makes at home. From different people but one in Spirit with one King we worship together, God.

But in one experience, we were being shouted at with their language that we don’t understand. We saw on their faces an angry expressions but it don’t make sense to us especially to me because they can get mad all they want but what does it do to us when we don’t understand? It’s fine.

And the revelation came. The main reason why we don’t have an experience of the Gospel is because we don’t understand it’s power. We don’t understand our authority as a believer. We don’t understand that we are His children and no longer servants. We don’t understand that He came not just to save us but to heal us.

That’s why there is a need to not just read His Word but to ask the Holy Spirit that He will make us understand His will in the Scriptures so we can understand His heart for us. There is a need to hear His Word again and again and to understand it again so it will have its power over our lives.

I encourage you all to understand His Word and I know you will because the Holy Spirit is an awesome teacher.

God bless you and have a great time experiencing His Word.


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