You are What You Think

This is just my first time in Singapore and to be honest, I was more excited for the Conference than seeing this new place. I am more of a boring homebody and walking around to see new places won’t excite me much. To me, its a burdensome tiring activity ever. But, this is a stretching lesson for humility, submission, and yes a little bit of stretching for me.

As we were going around, I was totally impressed with how highly organized they are as a nation. I likened them to a melancholy choleric temperament and wherever we go, we see clear signs on roads, malls, train and train stations. The trees are well trimmed and the ohh the flowers seemed well arranged along the streets and can I mention that its beautiful purple flowers too?

Everything in Singapore must be a result of an excellent planning. They saw it first and it manifest in the natural.

This is what inspire me to really think big. To begin thinking of how Connect Group will be at the end of this year and onward. To begin thinking of how my life will be five years from now. To begin thinking of how the church will become and it will look like.

I would like to say that Singapore becomes how they think it will become and the book of Proverbs says we are what we think. Isn‘tit amazing that a nation who is not as professing to be as Christians as we are is doing the principle of the Bible and they are becoming it?

We can too if we will not play it safe but walk in faith and faith is RISK.

So, let us begin imagining how our future will look like and belueve that with Him, all things are possible if it is anything according to His will.

Have a great day.


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