The 35 Things I am Thankful For


I have never been shy to tell about my age because if I pray for long life, then an additional year to my life is a blessing, something to shout about. The Lord has been so gracious to bless me with a gift of life, making me healthy and healing me in all areas of my life.

People don’t seem to believe that I am now 35 because of my small frame and still single. Oh well, I just don’t have a small frame, I am short too. I am so used to be teased all the time by this size. I am called a dwarf, “potot”, gamatitoy and to have them satisfied, they laugh about it too.

And not only that, people compare me with others and told me how ugly I am. It makes me cry in the past but it makes me laugh at present.

I believe that He never make a mistake when He created me and He has a purpose over my life. When He first saw me, I believe that He proudly say, “it’s very good.” I am thankful beyond measure.

So here’s to my 35 things I am thankful for:

1. God. I was taught of His majesty since I was a child. I was taught of His power and how He can turn a life around from worst to best. I grow up believing Him. It was Him who held my hands in the lowest point of my life especially when mama died on my 8th birthday and I was thinking that my life and education was over. It was Him who saved me when I drowned once in deep water, my father thought it was the end of me. It was Him who makes me finish college because He gives me good people in my path to support me. It was Him who protected me from so many accidents. It’s Him who healed me from so many sicknesses, the recent one, when He restored my voice when satan attempted to stole it away from me and He removed the lump in my throat. He is the best. He is my I AM. It’s Him who gives me hope when He saved me, one simple day of 1998. He gives me Jesus. Jesus gives me the gift of the Holy Spirit. Oh, my God is awesome, real, and more real than my skin.

2. Mama. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to have her when she was still alive. While people always tell me that I am the opposite of my mama because I think she’s the sweetest and I have a spirit of a tiger hahaha, I am blessed to have a time with her. She was the most thoughtful. I remember seeing her at a glance from my classroom when I was in grade one, smiling at me from a distance, with a banana cue for my snacks. She was my very first patient teacher who taught me how to read and right via banana leaf and and a stick. She inspires me to dream and to know that there’s a great future ahead of me. She taught me to persevere and to believe that I am the most beautiful girl even if the majority told me I am the ugliest in the family. Mama was such an incredible woman that up to the last breath of her life, she was thinking of us, her precious ones. Oh, she must be so happy when she sees us what we become now.

3. Papa. For a long time I hated the man who rescued me from the deep water when I drowned because of what I hear from people around me about him. I was so sorry for those bitter years. The Lord changed him now and it was in him that I began trusting God. He told me that God can do everything when I pray and he kept telling me about that now. He taught me to be generous and even spanked me one time when the spirit of greediness rose up within me. We were not allowed to be greedy. He taught all of us to give what we can give even our life if possible. I saw it in him when he rescued a family who almost died of an accident. He jumped off and became their hero. I thought we became orphan at that moment, thank Jesus he was safe.

4. Dodong Jerry, Liza, Cecile. My brother Jerry is the most thoughtful ever, my sister Liza the fighter, and my sister Cecile the ever generous. I planted not so good seed in their lives that makes them hate me for a while but despite those trying times, they love me as their ever maldita ate and I love them to pieces too.

5. Praise Cathedral Church. I love this house of God. They became imperfect when I entered in the picture but the people here are so precious and so dear in my heart. They are so simple and I just love them, forever.

6. Jane Taclap Ubalde. She is the most beautiful. She is a strong woman who withstand the test of time. She stood by me countless times, I can’t count in my fingers and toes. She fought for me, cried with me, blessed me, and prayed for me. I love her and her kids too. She’s a great blessing in my life. It’s more than a decade and she never changes. She has been a great friend whom I can count on. I prayed we will still be strong and an inspiration ’till our 80’s.

7. April Nazareno. We were together when the King’s Kids was restored and it was just the two of us. Her passion was contagious and got teacher faye and king’s kids never stop growing since then. She said she has been blessed by me and I am forever humbled.

8. Faye Dongallo. She’s so sweet and amazing woman who discipled so many. She has been fruitful and productive in the Kingdom of God and I learned from her more than she learned from me.

9. Lorianne. I scolded her many times but she still stayed with me and treated me like her ate she never had. Her thoughtful gifts blessed my heart. This woman is wondeful and I Iove her dearly.

10. Susie. I don’t know but there is something about her presence. She proved to me what real friendship is all about. I am encouraged when she’s around. I cried silently when she cried. She is a gifted encouager. I love her forever.

11. Ate Joy Caangay. She is my cheer leader. A mother in times of need. She fed me when I was sick. She prayed for my healing. She is a gift.

12. Jhera Dawn Nacional, Lincoln & Liam Walker. The cutest and sweetest “pag umangkon” ever.

13. Team Leaders (Ate Nenita, Novie, Ranel, April, Dave, Jonelo). They helped me as I carried the vision of the church. They believe with me and step in the waters with me. Oh, what can I do without them. Thank you Jesus.

14. Connect Group Leaders. What can I do if they will not follow me? They did and I am forever grateful. Praise you Jesus.

15. Letters. I receive so many cute cards with heartfelt greetings that melts my heart. I have it my purple boxes and when I am down, I just open the box and see how blessed am I.

16. Colorful pens and notebooks. I am blessed to have these beautiful stuff randomly even without occassions. Thanks Jesus to my constant sponsor, teacher Lorianne hahaha.

17. Purple. The Kingdom color that brightens my day, makes me happy and a color that makes me smile.

18. Fenelyn Figura. The perfect ate. The most sensitive when she sees someone in need. I love her.

19. The people. When I visit them, they inspired me more than I inspired them.

20. The Holy Spirit. Oh, I grieved Him so often. I hurt him. Sometimes I ignored His voice but He constantly loved me. He guided me. He never leave me. I can’t go on without Him.

21. Jesus my Saviour. What can I say? He died for me. He proved His love. I love Him but He loves me more, forever.

22. Isah Centino. I can feel her pain and joys. I am humbled by her trust towards me. I love this lady. We’ve been together since she was a kid. Now, she’s a teenager and she’s now my dabarkads.

23. Lakewood church. When I was so discouraged, this church has been an inspiration. Pastor Joel and Victoria has been an encouragement from a distance. Watching them makes me so inspired and I began believing in myself again. Thank you Lord for them.

24. Pastor Dodie Osteen. When I was so sick, the Lord use her to inspire me to believe for my healing. Her healing scriptures has been my scripture and I’ve seen how it does wonders in my life. The enemy has been stabbed countless times everytime I confess these words.

25. The Bible. What can I do without His Words? When I’m down, I go to His Words. He spoke to me, speaks to me and will continually speak to me, forever. His Word is sharper than any double-edged sword. Oh, thank you Abba for Your Word.

26. Andrew Wommack. His confidence on His Words inspires me. I began to fall in love with His Words. I am excited to wake up early to study His Words. He taught me to firmly believe for my healing because Jesus said so. He is so convinced about what Jesus can do that it has an effect on me. When I emailed their ministry for a prayer, they respond right away. They are real and I am forever thankful for him and his ministry.

27. Lisa Osteen Comes. She’s a tough lady. She replied when I message her. She inspires me to believe in God more and more. She taught me to stick on the Word. She’s a gifted teacher. What a gift to the body of Christ.

28. Pastor John Osteen. Watching him in you tube feels like having a father. An incredible teacher of the Word. A great preacher. It was while watching at him that the Lord spoke to me. He anointed me. I am a blessed woman.

29. Kuya Robert Cunanan. When Jonelo was still my best friend, he went to him and told him to take care of me because he church loves me. He treated me like his own daughter when I am with them. They are my number one sponsor for my purple stuff. Thank you Lord.

30. Kuya Nonoy Puaso. He loves me like his daughter. He was an instrument why I have a boyfriend now. He protected me countless times and told me that I am precious and not forgotten. I was sad when he passed away too soon but I thank God for having him and for the opportunity to have been blessed with a great kuya like him.

31. Eye Make up. Brows must have been so different without these. It adds beauty and give me a chance in life hahahaha.

32. Samsung Tab. I had been praying to have one. I laid my hands to this cute beautiful tab I so desire. I never had this for a long time. I dreamed of it. And then, in His perfect time, I got it. Perfect. Praise God.

33. Jerry Savelle. I am blessed with his ministry the first time I watched him. His passion, conviction, his teaching gift, and his encounter with God is so beautiful. His teachings are everything God said in His Word. I consider him as my papa without him knowing it hahaha.

34. Terri Savelle Foy. The perfect motivational woman for me. I love her sweetness, her discipline, how she got back up in life, her gift of teaching which is so easy to understand. I love everything about her because she is showing me that sweet people can still be successful in life if they have good habits, good routine, dreams, and vision in life. Thank you Lord for her.

35. Jonelo Ejara Figura. My first boyfriend. God’s gift. The most patient. The gifted supporter. Who never gives up on me. Who loves me even when I‘m unlovable. Who cooks for me. Who sacrifices for me. I don’t know what I have done in life to have been blessed with someone like him but he is God’s special for me. We’ve been in the mountain, in the valley, in the green pastures, in the lion’s den, in the fire, but all through out, He makes our relationship stronger. I praise you Lord for his life.

I have been blessed beyond measure. All because of Him. I experience heaven here on earth.

Awesome Lord.


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