What Gives Me Life

1. I like to do something new like new projects, new productions, and anything new on a project basis. Routine is beautiful but it bore me to pieces.

2. I like to write and inspire people with my writing. I like people to be given hope through the Word of God.

3. I like doing ministry ads, dear Lord, I want that ministry soon. Something creative but the message will inspire people.

4. I like preaching because it has nothing to do with me, it has something to do with Him.

5. I like to be surrounded with books with my own books on the shelf, yey, soon.

6. I like anything flowery. Oh, that makes my day.

7. I like to give life and color to parties.

8. I like anything beautiful and colorful.

9. I like reading my Bible in my tab, it feels so high tech hee

10. I like myself. I am not so sweet, I am not so kind, I am not so boring, I am not so lady, I am real and I like me.

All these gives me life and I am thinking of doing something new.


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