Go Fresh

Psalms 51:10 The Message
God, make a FRESH START in me, shape a Genesis week from he chaos of my life.

This is one of those days when all the enthusiasm fades. When nothing seems to put a sparkle in my eyes. When everything is just the same again and again and again. When the environment seems so stale. When the one above you just burst out that you are not performing. When you are neglected and rejected by the very people who hire you because you no longer impress them. When the favoritism and politics in the office is so obvious. When the pulpit is use to attack you. You come out fine on the outside, brimming with smile but something on the inside shouts, I wanna give up.

Yes, it gives me a blow of fatigue, stress, and uselessness. The deep blue depression attack me like no other. The joy of my salvation faded slowly. The goals before me becomes useless. Why in the world will I have to do those things when the creativity on the inside of me cannot be put to use because I have to be like them?

On top of that, I have no one to share these feelings with. I struggle to keep afloat, to have a ride but where did these passions for You go? I slept and woke up stale. The excitement and freshness flew like a trash to a trash bin.

I wonder what I need to do? Will leaving be the answer? A change of environment? New people? New friends? What?

Then I got to see the life of David. That he too experienced turmoil, confusion, mess and disorder in his life. A person famously called a man after God’s own heart went through blues in his life. He had that chaotic life but in chaos he made a good decision by coming to God. He recognize that there is no one who can give him a FRESH START except God. He recognize what God can do, that God is a master of making people’s lives brand new.

All these feelings boiling down on the inside of me isn’t just a feeling exclusive for me. I am not alone in this and by coming to Him, I can get a FRESH help. I can receive a FRESH revelation from Him. I can have a FRESH vision. I can have a FRESH perspective. I can have a FRESH heart. And yes, I can have a FRESH START.

The truth is, God’s perspective of me won’t change irregardless of what people think of me. The visions that He has given in my life may not have arrive now but anything God has place will surely come to pass. His time and timing is always perfect.

The consciousness of who is on the inside of me, His presence, the Holy Spirit is more than enough to give me a FRESH START. On the other hand, a frequent thinking and imagination over what satan caused will create staleness and blur to a suppose to be a Happy Life.

Let us make a decision to stay afresh by being conscious of who is on the inside of us – JESUS.

Have a blessed day.



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