In life, it’s not about how long we stayed, how loyal we had been, how a servant we were, but it’s about how impressive we are right now. Our loyalty becomes worthless, our servanthood becomes useless, our performance in the past becomes meaningless. Someone new comes, always saying YES, seems productive in all ways so forget about you old worthless, useless, meaningless people who had been important in the past, you are not performing in everything. You are not doing anything NOW.

I wish to believe it’s not true but I begin to see it as it is. That’s the reality of life.

But this is what I know. That no matter what season we are in, He hold us firmly on His hand. HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT. Whether we are on top of the mountain or deep down on the pit or like a boat in the ocean floating, weak and can’t seem to do anything, He will help us through. His power is always available and made perfect in our weakness.

We might be ignored, neglected, and labeled insignificant. People maybe quick to put a label on us but know that people’s negative label on us isn’t exactly God’s label for all of us.

He died for us. He suffered for us. We are in His mind. He loves us.

You might seem far from the vision that He put in your heart right now, but know that the God who created the heavens and the earth isn’t forgetful to not fulfill it and will just explain Himself in heaven. He won’t. He will fulfill it.

Friends, you might be crying right now. You seem like groping in the dark but know that He is not leaving you. You will have your time.

Wait and see. He will make Himself known to you. He will display His power over your life. He a good God & He is our great Dad.


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