Hope In Every Season

It’s never an imperfect life. There are seasons of highs and seasons of lows if it’s the right word. At one point, you are so excited of what’s in the plate and that moment when you are so into it, you poured out your heart, that very thing you consider precious has been taken away from you and you are again thrown into a new task, starting all over again.

At one point in my life, it makes my heart sick and the transition is making me a little bit crazy. I have so many questions raging in mind but one time as I was walking, something on the inside of me said, “If that’s your assignment for that season and you know deep inside that it’s an assignment from Jesus, do it for Him.” Having heard that in my spirit, I just heard myself said, Lord, if this is Your assignment for me for this season and maybe for the rest of my life, then I will just be faithful by resting in Your faithfulness. I felt released in that surrender.

The truth is, any work in the Kingdom of God either in front of people or a ministry behind the scene counts significant in heaven. And when we begin to see things in His perspective, there will be no insignificant assignment but rather a worth doing duty knowing it is counted in eternity.

And so in this season of new assignment, going to people’s home rain or shine, received or not received, loved or not loved, honored or not honored, remembered or forgotten, I take it full joy because anything done genuinely for Jesus in the motive of doing it because you know that He forever loves you will just greatly be rewarded.

Therefore, for whatever season you maybe now, do it not in the longing of being appreciated by men but do it in the knowledge that it has an applause in heaven and that last for eternity.

God bless you


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