One day, I found myself so addicted watching a talk show that it feels like I can’t live without watching it. I woke up and look who the guests are on the show and it happened day by day by day. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me that I may not be a drug addict but the spirit of addiction is on me. I wanted to break free but the more I desire to do so, the more I was so into it. I was not just addicted to that show, I became so addicted to other showbiz stuff that I invest even my money into it.

Then, I became so desperate for change that every time my flesh wanted to watch that talk show, I forced my way into watching Christian shows that spoke the Word of God. I listened to it everyday that everything they said was eventually what I do, and in so doing I began to be restless without reading the Word. The more I read His Word, the more I discover that Jesus isn’t who the religious people said. The Father is not mad at me and He is not waiting to see me fall so He has a basis of throwing me out to hell.

Then I discover that the main reason why the devil distract me so much into reading His Word is basically because when I am so hook into it, I will be so addicted of the ultimate truth – the beauty and the kindness of Jesus Christ.



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