We Have The Strength

Philippians 4:13 Christ gives me the strength to face anything. CEV

Tuesday is a stressful meeting day for us. We come. We give an accounting over what we’ve done for the week. When the goal is reached, it’s amazing. When it isn’t, the character is tested. Today is one of those days.

I arrived having known that my performance is low but I would rather have a low performance than lie.

So there you go. I came expectant that the one above me could shout at me. They might be disappointed. I am too. I should be the first one to shout at myself but I have peace. This too shall pass. The Holy Spirit told me that if I GO THROUGH, I WILL BREAK THROUGH.

Yet, I arrived singing a song of victory. I reported boldly being fully confident that Jesus Christ will give me the strength to face anything.

I believe and He did help me. I saw His favor and His hands was upon me.

Thank you Jesus. With YOU I can face anything.



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