God Is Very Kind

Ephesians 1:6 God was very kind to us because of the Son he dearly loves, and so we should praise God. CEV

I woke up one morning when I saw my phone signals for  messages. I grabbed my phone and catched messages that isn’t inspiring but so discouraging and down hearted. Tears fall and deep within me I sigh, how can people be so mean and so unkind.

Then, I look UP through the pages of His Word and finally found security. If I want to see genuine kindness, it’s totally all in God. I was thinking about it and begin to see how sick I was without Jesus. How useless life would be without Him. How lonely would the journey be without a Savior. How impossible the challenges be without His hand. How sad would life be being fully surrounded by cruel people.

As I reflect about the kindness of God through His Son Jesus Christ, I can’t help but praise God. On the inside of me is a resounding hope that the pathway may seem hard to break, but with Jesus on the inside of me, it could be broken. He did not just die so I will go to heaven, but Jesus Christ died so I can experience heaven here on earth.

The truth is, when we keep looking down to our circumstances, we will be a little shaken and we open ourselves up to the intimidation of the enemy but when we LOOK UP gazing at His beauty, we will see that God is not just kind, HE IS VERY KIND.

May you all find rest by simply staying at His presence being fully assured that if GOD give what is precious to Him so you will be set free, He, will make sure that you will be set free and made whole.

Have a great day


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