Your Worth Is In The Blood

In today’s time, we are merely measured by what we do and accomplished. When we work, our closed deals define us. When we study, our grades makes us highly acceptable. When we go home, our houses speaks for us. When we travel, our tickets tells who we are.

Thus, to be accepted and to have worth, we toil and desire the treasure of wealth and gold. We worked for all the material things to be IN in this world.

Are all these things the measure of our true worth? In the eyes of this world, YES, but are we in this earth forever? NO. Earth is not our home, heaven is.

Let us receive our true worth on the blood of Jesus Christ shed for us. That’s where our true worth lies. When we make Jesus the Lord of our lives, we have worth more than millions and gold. We are accepted. Approved. Loved. Annointed. Blessed.

We are the treasure whom He died for. Our worth is in His blood not on what we have.

Have a great day.


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