Love Who You Are With

I felt blue and was looking for something colorful that will bring back my stability hormones then bang, I saw a very catching red book. It caught my attention because the cover was colorful, there was a fashionable looking woman and the title was also amazing.

I browsed through it, it’s like a novel, a love story and there was a black box which has a statement that spoke to my heart.

It says, “Love the one you are with.” It continues by saying, sometimes, people in relationship will bluntly say, I hate you to their partner but in reality they are actually lying. The truth is, they love their partner but they feared to love lavishly because they might meet someone better and they can’t have a relationship because they are committed with someone else.

I got the lesson first hand. The one you are with loves you. The one you are with commits his/her life to you. The one you are with thinks of you more than himself/herself. The one you are with is a gift, the answer to your prayers and so thank Jesus and don’t wish to be with someone else. Don’t live in your fantasy of the moment.

Thank you Lord for a golden reminder to treasure the people whom God has given me and to treasure the one I am with.

The best aren’t the one you fantasize over your head, it’s the one who stayed right there with you.




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