My Sweet Partner

It’s just one Tuesday morning, another day of His mercy and grace. As always, I sat in our green chair, have my NLT Bible, notebook and ballpens and before anything takes place, I find myself thanking my sweet partner ever, the HOLY SPIRIT.

As I was thanking Him, I saw Him in the spirit, I know He’s my amazing partner, going down from the stairs so excited loading with gifts, smiling as He is going towards me. His excitement was so contagious, I wanna know it. I have not opened it but it kreeps me so excited.

As I went to the meeting, I had my feet springing with hope and expectations, so excited for my gifts. But more than anything else, I am just so amazed of how excited my partner is for me. He is just so excited.

Went to Marriott for a meeting, not knowing what’s going to happen. I thought it’s just another meeting but it’s more than what I expect.

It’s our next meeting so blog later.

Have a great day


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