It’s been a while that I pretended to be formal in an informal me simply because there are those in authority who seems to be gifted to tailor me as the next them. Me, having an insecure shell, wanting everybody to be happy tries to fit in their mold until I became exhausted and stressed out pretending.

One time, as I walking with some people who loves me well enough to celebrate me as me, I finally discover how fun and great it is to be me,  to be real and to get real, to honestly tell what I feel and not to hide anything inside.

With all excitement of heart, I went to the Holy Spirit and thank Him for revealing to me over how great the personality God has invested in me. How beautiful it is to be redeemed by Jesus and to function according to the gifts and talents He has deposited in me.

Since then, I firmly fight to nicely be me. I love that God gives me a strong personality and He never makes a mistake by creating me that way. I love that He makes me shallow, that little things makes me laugh and happy. I love that He makes me humurous, in that I can make people laugh even in their darkest hour. I love that He makes a spontaneous speaker, I can be pulled out to fill in the platform to preach every time my Pastor has another appointment to make. I love that He makes me spontaneous, that everyday is an adventure for me and with others. I love that He makes me frank, in that way others will know what I feel. I love that He makes me strict, in that way people will not just step my feet on and the people close to me. I love that He makes me a fighter, in that way, I will never give up too easily.

I don’t have an actors face, nor a face too accepting for a glossy magazine but I have that inner confidence stamp by my ALL POWERFUL GOD in the universe.

As years goes by, I am totally thankful that this how God made me. I am totally a distinct and unique human being but too valuable that Jesus Christ even died for me. The universe puzzle will never be complete without me and me without them.

This is not self promotion but simply a real story of redemption. This is not a campaign to please see me and like me but this is a testimony of a woman who once felt of no value until she met her Lord, Jesus Christ. This is a story of who she was and the who is she as being transformed by her God.

To borrow Pastor Joel Osteen’s word, BE YOU, because YOU ARE ANOINTED TO BE YOU, and not being someone else.

I am glad to finally have the freedom to be REAL and to GET REAL and if Jesus lives on the inside of you, I AM GIVING YOU the permission to be YOU.

Get real. Be real. Be you.

Have a great day



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