Sunday. First Sunday of the month. I woke up then sleep again. I saw that I’m getting late, I jumped from my simple blue little bed, rushed in taking a bath, dressed up and off to church. The time flies so fast. We have to prepare communion in church. The communion tray and cups need to be washed. The skyflakes and grape juice did not arrive. That must have been a disaster to some, a cause of anger to few people, but God gave me grace at that moment.

It was a moment of jumping up and down rushing while enjoying at the same time. I sat down, mission accomplished, did not take down notes until the minister’s wife leaned over and said, you will share in the offering. I said yes, not knowing where to get the verses and before it all ends, the minister called me up again and said, you do the communion. Oh, I love what Jesus Christ has done for me on the cross, but to lead the people in it? Goodness!!! I don’t want to. I feel too old. But there I was, moving with the flow. Feeling really old but it was an awesome moment to be able to lead people in reminding them over what Jesus Christ has done.

I finished half of the day enjoying alongside the surprises that makes me see the real me. I enjoyed it, the challenge, the adrenaline rush, and most of all, the THE GRACE OF GOD that was so sufficient for me at that very moment.

So why is this blog, entitled JAM, JAM?

Because there is so much to be done if you don’t life too seriously, but rather trusting that there is nothing that is a surprise to God so better JAME, JAM – in short? Have fun.

A blessed November 2, 2014 for everyone,



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