There Must Be Something More

It is just one Monday morning. I woke up but still lying in this simple blue dirty little bed. Then a thought just flashed right into my head and was slowly processed down to my heart – THERE’S MORE.

God did not just create people to fill in the space in the universe then waiting for them to die because He makes a mess and He is sorry that He created them.

God did not just give people the breath to live , and then leave them alone because they all have their brains and so they better use their common sense.

God did not just put a desire in people’s heart and leave them hanging because they all can figure out in their peanut brain the ending.

God did not just enter in a playhouse and play with His hearts delight to form men in His own image and when men are attacked by the real attacker, that He will therefore surrender them to them because He does not have enough power to protect the people whom He fashioned in His own image.

I just know that there is MORE.

I just know that He who created us and fashioned us has the good end for all of us in mind.

I just know that He was serious in making sure that His ultimate plan for each person will come to pass.

I just know that we are TOO SPECIAL that GOD ended up giving His own Son to die on the cross so we could have heaven while on earth.

I just know that the God who created the heavens and the earth, the God who flung the stars in place will never give up on us because He formed us out of love.

I just know that He is more than enough to defend us,  protect us, heal us, prosper us, and bless us way beyond our minute imagination.

I just know that the beginning and the end is just as important as in the in between.

So it’s time to shake off the battle of the mind, to know who we really are, to stand up in our authority in the Lord Jesus Christ and to begin waking up expecting that God is not finished with us yet between now and the promise land. It is still a story of God’s amazing grace and a process of a daily redemption by His consuming power and love.

Hang on.

It’s not over yet.

The promise is still to be held.

There’s more to you than where you are now.

Jesus loves you.

Have a great day



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