The Light at Midnight

I woke up at midnight, went down through a woody stairs that compares to the stairs we saw from the great mountain we can from. On the first base of the stairs going up, the light talked to me at midnight.

It was the light that makes me see the house that are homes during the day. It was the light that makes me see the earhtworm that was just so yucky slowly moving towards me as I went to the comfort room which makes me shout out loud but never wakes the people up. Their sleep must be simply amazing, peaceful like a baby. It was the light that makes me see the beauty that I can usually blurt out during the day.

As I was looking the beauty amidst the background of darkness, I was reminded of me receiving the light because of Jesus. It reminded me of believers who received the light and the rays they must have an impact on this world ruled by darkness.

Satan who is the god of this world blinded the eyes of people to see the light. Satan is working double time to steal, to kill, and to destroy. He works subtly by deceiving the people by making them believe that darkness is equal to light. That sinning is as equal to living a holy life, after all everybody is doing it and looks like they are enjoying it.

I saw how the light makes the difference at midnight.

As I went back upstairs and hugged my purple small teddy bear so I could be back to sleep, yeah it was given to me by my Korean looking boyfriend, there were thoughts that keeps racing on my mind.

Am I making a difference the way that light makes a difference at midnight?

Am I dispelling the works of darkness because I hosted the presence of the Kingdom of Light?

Am I making the lives of people beautiful in the midst of a chaotic dark world because the Light lives in me?

Am I bringing the people to the Kingdom of Light instead of making them live in the world of deception that darkness is equal to light?

You could enjoy life in this dark world because of Jesus.

You can shine in this dark world because of Jesus.

You can walk in this dark world shining because of Jesus.

This is a dark world but you can make a difference not with your own ability but by having the light living in your hearts.

Just like that light that shines at midnight, you too can shine in your midnight hours.

Have a joyful day everyone.


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