It looks like that if I am not careful, I will be drawn back to my former addictions of idolatry. No, not the images of gods that you are thinking in your mind, but people that seems amazing to me. Technology has its way of getting so into me, that instead of devouring the Word, I am eating crumbs because I become so content with someone else revelation about His power and reality that I forget His reality in my life.

I listened to them, so engrossed on their speaking skills, liking and commenting on their posts, and then going out empty as a mobile phone which can no longer function.

I was on the jeepney thinking on what is really going on, until I find out that my ultimate call is to hear from Jesus, experience Jesus, and to point the people back to Jesus Christ.

I slept so well while on the jeepney, so at peace and thankful to the Holy Spirit that He reminded me of my existence and yeah He gives me sanity.

Life is simple to complicate it.

Life is all about Jesus and how the reality of this life could be so much fun if I totally grasp the depth of His entirety in my life.

So for all of you, check the life amazing manual, get closer to the God in the flesh who gave us the Holy Spirit, study His ways, and eat a fresh revelation of manna from Himself.

Then to make life more enjoyable, take some vitamins of revelations from other precious brothers and sisters, and see how it confirm to the revelation of yours.

Jesus loves you



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