Have you ever felt being tested? Did you feel like being tested left and right, up and down, and there is no way out for you? Did you ever experienced screaming from your lungs out because it looks like everything is against you? Then you came to your senses and begin to wander, “Where is God in all of these?”

I personally do. I have cried. I sulked in the corner. I also asked questions simply because I don’t have a clear answer.

Then the Holy Spirit illumines the Word towards me and give me clear answers to all my questions.

The Scripture says in Psalms 11:5 The Lord tests and proves the (unyieldingly) righteous, but His soul abhors the wicked and him who loves violence. AMP

The truth is, only a student receives test from a teacher and the moment we receive Jesus Christ in our lives, we became His student or disciples. He is our Great Teacher and loves to have the best in us.

When He tests us, its not for Him but for us. Tests makes us see our strengths, weaknesses, and areas which needs improvement. His tests are not to punish us. It’s just shows that He had been teaching us and that we acquired knowledge from Him. When He tests us, He is not leaving us, He just wants us to apply what He taught us. We have the name of Jesus, we have His Word, and we have the Holy Spirit who is always with us.

So when you begin to feel being tested left and right, up and down, as the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, it just shows you know something from Him on the inside of you that needs to be applied in your life.

Don’t be scared. God is not leaving you. He is watching and when it looks like you may fail, He comes in and will teach you again.

Jesus loves you and is more than willing to heal you everywhere you hurt.

Have a great day.


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