He Defines You

Am just amused and surprised. I posted something then boom. The opinionated commented. In a way that was great but on the other side, amusing. For one, I am not referring to what I feel at that moment. I saw it. Liked it. Posted it.

On the other hand, it makes me wake up. I learned. And here are lessons you might learn in cyberspace.

1) Post at your own risk. There are those who will like. And. There are those who won’t.

2) Know who you are in Christ. Because. People will bash you. And it should not harm you.

3) Remember. You are not defined by what people thinks. By the comments of people. By who they think you are.

4) Then. Look whose talking. Are they perfect? Or like you too. Saved by grace. Then. Just keep moving. Forgive yourself. And. Move.

You are defined by the blood. The blood of Jesus. When the accusers of the brethren comes to God. And. Pointed at your mistakes. Know. Jesus is praying for you. You have your advocate.

You are not defined by the Dictionary. You are defined in His realm of unending love.

Have yourself a Very Merry Christmas.


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