The One

So whose the one as they saw me singing to my fave love song. Curious, I asked the what?

“The one” who makes you happy. I looked and pointed my fingers upward.

Jesus is THE ONE. He is The One who listens and understands. He is The One who makes me feel so secure. He is The One who helps without asking something in return. He is The One who will never judge but accepts me as I am. He is The One who gives me hope when it seems hopeless. He is The One who loves and loves me more at my worst. He is The One who straightens my ways when its turning crook. He is The One who is gentle when I am mad.

Jesus is THE ONE. He is now. He is forever. He is The One audience I don’t need to pretend.

He is THE ONE. When everyone started to leave me one by one. When there is NO ONE who stand by me. When my choices don’t agree with theirs. When my actions won’t fit in their self righteous ways. When the Scriptures are pointed to condemn me instead of letting it transform me. When the path isn’t clear. When it looks tragic.

He is THE ONE. He never leaves me nor forsake me. He speaks to me when no one is interested to speak to me anymore. When people who pledge allegiance over oir friendship is gone.

I am secure. I can be led. I’ve got THE ONE.

The One. My Love. My Forever. My Jesus.


2 thoughts on “The One

  1. Thank God I am not the only one who listens to love songs with Christ in mind! When I received the life of Christ, I used to listen to a lot of love songs (I had no gospel musician I know). But now even though I now know a number of gospel singers, at times love songs seem to carry the honesty (real deal) that succinctly portray my thoughts.

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