Know You

It is not a question why in one way or another, we want to be valued. We want to be appreciated for what we have contributed and for what we have done. We want people to at least notice that in the span of our existence, we have done something that sparks in some way at people’s heart.

Yet, in this journey called life I found that people’s validation over people came underneath a motive and what seems uplifting in the surface is totally downgrading when unearth.

The best validation that is unchanging is THE WORD OF GOD and the best person who know you is GOD. People may label you and every label may have hurt you but on the inside of you is the real you, whose reality cannot be altered by any man but is fully known by the ever Great God in whom your name is sculptured in the palm of His Hands.

Sometimes I still wonder why all the pains? Why all the challenges? Why all the unfairness? Why all the poverty? Why all the insults? Why all the tragedies? Why all the injustices?

Then as I searched within, I could say that what is eternal has already been saved. What is forever has already been died for and what needs the strength the most is the spirit man.

The devil can only intimidate you the most on the outside but your victory isn’t on the trying hard strength that you tried to project but the received strength you receive as He lives in you.

You might be sent forth to and fro. You might be scattered here and there. Nevertheless, I pray that your spirit man stands strong as it is being firmly taken hold by THE ONE who knew you even before you were born.

Have a day filled with His strength.


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