Looking from the window is a sun winding down that depicts to its almost darkness. The day slowly transitions to night and the breeze simply kiss the skin like ice.

The flourescent has been turned on to overshadow the night and the usual day activity has slowly been put on hold, hoping for sunrise come another day. The rain waters the dry ground giving the earth signal that there is hope for new growth.

It is in such a time like this that you begin to hope and likewise confident that the sun will rise the next day.

In life, there are times that days transitioned to darkness and when it does it looks like The One who makes the heaven and the earth seems distant and silent. But isn’t it that when the sun sets, the sun rises again? It is in the night that we go to sleep and feel well rested, ready to face the day as the sun greets us with each shining rays.

You may be feeling that your life has been like that of the setting sun but just like how confident you become that the sun shall rise and brings beauty of the new day, let it be that you will be bursting with hope that your tomorrow will be as shining as the greeting of the sun.

The same God who let the sun sets and shines is the same God who will make you see the beauty of life as it sets. You don’t sleep panicking in the night but you sleep knowing that tomorrow shall come like the rising of the sun.

May you never lose hope when life seems to twirl towards darkness but instead be ever hopeful that the twirl will spiral into a brand new day with His grand surprises.

Stay hopeful in the shadow of darkness.


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