The Stars

As I am about to close the curtain that must have covered the plain window, I saw the beautiful stars that glitters so brightly, it simply takes my breath away. I wonder if these stars are present by day, and as I refresh my memory, it sure does.

As I reflect more, it reminded me of a book by Billi Lim called Dare to Fail.

Let me share it to you and may it reminds you too that there is beauty in every experience, may it good or bad.

“It is in great crises and wars that great men are born.”

It is not that there’re no great men born in other periods, it is just that there was no crisis to bring out the best in them.

If we look out into the sky at night, we will realize that the DARKER the sky, the BRIGHTER the stars! Why is that we can’t see the stars in the day time? Not that they are not there. It’s because there’s too much sunshine! We need darkness to bring out the stars!

Tonight, you might be sleeping with the lights on but maybe on the inside of you is the cry of light because it seems that you can’t get away with the dark.

Let me encourage you to stay strong and know that it is in your darkest hour that you will wonderfully shine like how the stars shine in the dark.

Have a restful night and keep shining even in the midst of darkness my friends.


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