Kiss By The Wind

The light slowly breaks into a day and the window breaks in as the wind greets me good morning. I make a few steps going to the wash room and returned back to bed reflecting His mercy on this new day. My hair covers my face as the wind randomly kiss me in its normal cold temperature. I still don’t know what this day looks like but I am sure that this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

The wind is not too bad but it sure does blow the leaves nearby, the trees joined in while the rooster crows their lullabyes.

The softness of my little foam slashed bed comforts me and the pillow serves as my great company. The wind enters in slowly, faithfully kissing me, hopefully it is a kiss for having a great day ahead of me.

Then it dawn on me the reality of the wind. It opens our simple window, breaking in the curtains, it touches me and yes everything around me feels its presence. No one can deny its reality.

Isn’t God like this wind? In crisis, we think He is leaving us because we seemed to be  covered with  what we focused as reality. We come to God albeit disappointed because He seems not with us but all along He makes His presence to be felt.

What happens in the natural may seem discouraging and what we go through sometimes tortures our very core but it is also in the breaking of ones soul that we see His kiss of mercy and grace. It is in holding on to His grip around us that make us keep going despite what’s going on.

Just like this kiss of the wind that I strongly feel even without me seeing it, I will also spring forth into faith that surely this day will be a day of His miracles and surprises not just for me but to my brother and sisters as well.

May you all feel the touch of His presence today more than the agony that the enemy may wants you to feel.

Have a great day to one and all.


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