Beauty At Random

One sunny day, witnessed by rare clouds and a smiling tree that waves along the gentle breeze, is an organized beauty at random. When the normal OC people can’t breathed seeing what’s my term of order is, I can’t help but palpipate like a teenager hardly cathed her breath seeing the one she thinks she loves. Oh, how beautiful my bed is surrounded by such colorful notebooks, colored pens, magazines, Bible, pink soft slippers alongside my coffee and milo mixed together. It feels like one delight of sip but more than the feeling of being in starbucks and bo’s.

My bed turned library turned office turned prayer room and so much more is a lovely sight that only the creative genius could only understand.

I behold and gaze in it’s temporal loveliness and wishing that in all it’s entirety it stays this way but I’m sure there’s so much more.

More chaos, more colors, more disorder is happiness to one unique woman in whole planet earth. Because it’s all in it’s ramdom place of colors and being out of order that makes life interesting and a fun place to be.



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