Embrace You

And so I had been here in this nest for quite sometime. I was trying to make sure that I can use the one hour free of churva load for this amazing surfing diva. I wish I can even eat this connection and this connection can magic that it can clean the house, wash the plates, and wash the clothes. But Oh, you can’t feed my hungry stomach and by being with you, you are beginning to sap my wisdom, how I can let you steal it away from hahahaha.

So I was chatting with my bungisngis sister, the bouncing queen, the number 1 risk taker in the whole world, the most generous soul, and along our conversation, she said “EMBRACE WHO YOU ARE” it’s in the blood, you are born a fighter. I would like to admit that I had been browsing the mahinhin and gentle people because I want to be like them. I just feel that being like them is well celebrated and in the “IN” personality in this cannot be pleased world. But for goodness sake, I realize this quote, whispered to me by my best friend, the HOLY SPIRIT, if you don’t like that, then claim something for yourself but leave me alone. It says, “Your life is simple until you tried to become like someone else.”

And my best friend is really correct. I can go far ahead in life by being me. The Lord never make a mistake by giving me a strong personality. He never make a mistake when He saved me when the demons in hell would like to kill me countless times. Just to mention one, I go with the waves when I was 6 years old, my father was thinking that I was dead and lost in the oceans, but God got me in the palm of His hands. The enemy had been threatened the moment I was born because he must have known that one day I will be a threat to his kingdom. How downright coward he is to kill, steal, and destroy life simply because he can’t match the ability of my God and how KSP he is to cut short people’s life and their destiny. His voice is a super duper lie because he is the father of all lies.

So yes, I am embracing the who God made me to be. I accept the fact that I am a fighter, that I have a strong personality, that there is a leader in me, that He is invested so much in me even before the world began. I was already in God’s heart, conceived in His love.

And while sometimes I cannot be understood by people in whom I also cannot understand, the One who created me understood me even before the master critics has been born. I was labeled as maldita, independent spirit, moody, rebel, barbaric, angry, bitter, restless, ungrateful, from the mountain, putot (short), ugly, jealous and maybe all of the worst labels people can think of.

I would like to admit that it hurts me once and made me eat my tears but the more these people labeled me these, the more I see the hand of God pressing so much strength in my heart. And to simply put it, I can also see their lives and I understand why it’s easy for them to give that labels away and super hahahahahaha. Can we just have a high five for a complete imperfect life?

While I can never be perfect the way people wanted me to, I am learning to silence the voice of my critics by minding my own business and by being mindful of His business over my life. At the end of this life, I am not going to beg people so I could enter heaven and I will not be facing these people over how I live my life here on earth. I am going to face the One who died for me – JESUS.

I understand that people are going to be opinionated and I can be the worst lest you are thinking that I may not but it never change God’s love over me. When He created me, He has in mind of how to save me, and He has His ways of bringing me to my destiny.

I can never be like any of you and as my Pastor said, to be unique is attractive and I agree with him too. It takes no effort to be the natural me. It is effortless to do where I am good at.

And to EMBRACE ME gives Him the glory.

So to all of you who don’t like me, thank you, that just means to say that you notice my existence well enough.

So have a simple life, don’t act like you are not.



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