Real Life At River of Life

I guess many will be shaking their heads and claim how moody and emotional I am as I am writing this. Or maybe some are thinking that this is a post to make you jealous or that I am in a state of revenge. And worst, some of you are waiting that this is the result of hormonal imbalance and that when I don’t like it, I will hop and hop more to be in a perfect universe. Common. I too know fully well that there is no such thing as perfection. The truth is, I am writing this because I am blessed and is in flying bliss in the ground of complete imperfection but loving life in full course of action.

The truth is, it’s just completely nice to be completely real while working on to perfection of becoming like Jesus. Yes, I know that in the mention of Jesus, many are thinking of me being so religious, but there is also nothing religious in being in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am realistically laughing at how beautiful we are being together. How real the man of God speaks of his frailties and how awesome to see how God orchestrates things behind the scene. When we worship Jesus and we miss the perfect words and yet, there is a smile of owning the mess but guess, we all lifted up our hands not distracted because we all know that we will be making mistakes.

How we right away corrected and how we laugh at it because there’s no pointing fingers but a complete yes laughter indeed. How I love when our pastor said a sharp illustration that says, if you are late in church that shows that you are out of order hahahaha, oh it was when I was late for 35 minutes and lost my seat because there was a change at the moment that I was late, a beautiful reason not to be late in church anymore hahaha. But the illustration did not end there. He said, but even when you are late, because you come to church, your life will be set in order. Great. Hope for the procrastinator yahoo. It was said exactly like how a father speaks to his children, and I was laughing hearing it. Oh how I love hearing my pastor’s real life stories, stories of deep imperfection, not the holier thou messages, and thus I could simply relate in all my being 100% human.

Sometimes, we just love to hear messages but also would like to listen to someone whom we can relate. Someone human enough to admit that yes, I too is not different from you but because we have the same direction, JESUS, there his hope for a wondrous change.

It’s nice if the one who is leading us admits his/her struggles because as they bounced up you will be inspired that you too can.

It’s nice to get real without downgrading the very message. It’s nice to laugh at our own mistakes but without distracting the main point. It’s nice to talk about us without missing Jesus.

That’s why in all reality, I just love to say that I am enjoying real life at river of life. Is this hormonal imbalance? Well, my response is simply this: “to those who believe, no explanation is needed and to those who don’t believe no explanation will be enough”.


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