In life, sometimes, I become so into me and how the the people hurt me that I always forget what God has been doing in my life. I have this unique antenna that I could sense what people are talking about, and guess what? I’ll always confirm that they are talking about me. Yeah. Even if I don’t eavesdrop on conversation, I will always find out and I hated it. I hated to know because my perspective about people will become darker and darker as time goes by.

But there is another lesson I learned about life. That life is an echo. Yes. You’ve read about it and I am confirming it. And so instead of getting hurt right away over comments and secret talks, I look deeper into me because at one point or more, I too talked about people and hurt people.

Yeah, there are countless times that I cried in the corner because the words spoken hurt more than the sharpest knife available but it is also a growing process of acceptance and feeling the kind of pain that people experienced when I stabbed them with my sharp words  using my sharp tongue as well.

I know that I am saved by grace but I also know that I am far from being perfect and that how I act and talk may more often offend people but I am not stuck with it and that is not my destiny.

In the knowledge that the principle of sowing and reaping is definitely true without question, this could also be a time to be conscious and instead of drawing the pain  in the past to give away, I can  make a clear decision of drawing the new in me that is in Christ Jesus.

While at times I many stumble and hurt people again or maybe displeased people because they have a better way of doing things in mind and my mistake can be a bowl of dirt to various people, I will always remind myself that as far as God is concerned, I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I am growing from glory to glory. And for as long as I am in Christ, I am in a better place of transformation.

In the manner that people may still continue to see me in the shadow of my past, I will still take comfort in the fact that how the people viewed me as me is totally contrary to the way God sees me.

And because life is an Echo, I am in a better way of giving something eternal because of the One who is living on the inside of me. Yes, there might be lapses from time to time, but no worries, God sees the end from the beginning and in the manner that my ways may have disappoint people, it never disappoint God and it never changes the way that He loves me.

And as time flies, I know that I will re-echo His disposition in the manner that will amaze you and me.


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