Practical Tips Not To Worry

I promise you, there are so many things to worry about. You can wake up every morning and proceed into exaggerated thinking, being so down into our thoughts and begin to believe that what we are thinking is correct. I was once a worrier and my worries kills me softly day by day. I noticed it and by being so drown into it, it was so hard to get out from anxiety. It was a process day by day.

So, how not to worry?

1. Give your worries to Jesus. Let Jesus carry the worries. Cast it all to Him and when you give it to Him, don’t take it back. It is no longer your problem, it’s His. Therefore, if you trust Him, you are His responsibility. Isn’t it great? When you have payables, just silently go to Jesus. Of course, you will face your creditors but you are being strengthen on the inside. And wait, when you trust Him, He will make a way wiser than how you are thinking.

2. Thank Jesus in advance. He has all the answers. He knows the end from the beginning. So, better trust His timing and believe that He is doing something bigger that will blow my mind away.

3. Avoid exaggerated thinking. Stop the dramatic thoughts and if you exaggerate, exaggerate His ways. Isn’t it enough for you that you are alive? Remember, others are in the hospital paying for what is suppose to be a free oxygen. So, thank Him for being alive signals nothing but hope when you have Jesus.

Can I add more? 80% of what you are worrying aren’t coming to pass anyway so give yourself a break.

So there you go. Simple tips to be living a peaceful happy life in this crazy over dramatic world.

Jesus loves you


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