I am so full of words. Before you can tell me, I have so much to say. Before you can reply to my messages, you will receive much from me. And before you’ve done talking, I’ll cut you off because I have so much exciting to say. Well, that’s just what I feel. When you are down, I have so many encouraging verses hahahaha. When you are so discouraged, I could come to you with my antics of jokes and rebuke, oh, I am so sorry to make you feel that way. I just feel like Jeremiah, there is a fire shut up in my bones, I can’t hold it in but to tell you. I am just a little bit crazy and yeah the Holy Spirit has His way of correcting me.

But Words? Oh, they are so sharp. Sharper than the sharpest knives. They may not cut you physically in half, but they cut your heart in half. Yes, I am referring to the wrong kind of words spoken, written, texted, commented, and so much more. Sometimes, in familiarity over spouse, best friends, family, we just open up our mouth and say whatever we would like to say, feeling to be so expert without thinking and realizing that how we say things could also alter people’s destiny. At times, we get to hide in our phones and give judgment to family and friends, we have not even heard and seen. Or sometimes, we are so self-righteous, thinking we are so far ahead in our Christianity and so to open up people’s minds, we get into people’s statuses, and boom said our piece. Well, that’s great but it is also far greater if we think before we give our unsolicited advice.

On the contrary, words give life. The right words gently spoken to people’s lives will direct them into their destiny. It makes them think of their highest potential and become who God would like them to be. But, in this opinionated world, where everyone thinks as an expert in everything and that they only have the right words and the right answer to everything, and particularly I am talking about me and myself lest you will be thinking that I am referring to you again, it is hard to wait in the corner and wait for people to validate our value and existence. The truth is, if we will wait for their kind words, they might come but we are already ruined on the inside for strangers and people close to us will in time hurt us. We are hurt in some ways or the other and in effect we too will cause people with so much pain.

As I am thinking about this, reflecting God and life in general, I just begin to really give value over what God says in His Word. That the best place to start is to sit somewhere and deposit the Words of the King into my heart. To believe at it because He is the only One who really said it right. And so to avoid the pain, I paralleled what people said in regard to what He said and when what these opinionated are saying aren’t in line with His Words, I simply trash it.

If in turn what I also said are trashes, then I ask you, to trash it too and replace it with what He said that you are. We can’t be perfect and we can’t say what’s right at all times but God is giving us the right mind, and therefore we have a choice over the words that we should believe and receive.

But to be a blessing, let us always remember that our Words has the power over life and death. Let us begin to speak Words that gives life to ourselves an in turn give it to others too. There is no better place to start but start from His heart, get it in His manual and live believing it.

Have a blessed day..


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