Follow Your Heart

I don’t have any idea about your heart in the past. When I asked the people closest to me over the decisions that I have to make, they will just ask me, “so what’s in your heart?” For now, that’s where I believe God has been dealing me with. It is learning to follow my heart.

When I was tempted to procrastinate, my  heart says go ahead and wash the clothes. Gosh. I washed the clothes like eight years ago but that’s my ultimate job from 8 years old until 28 years old, somehow, my sister has been so gracious and took over because the white shirts magically turned to yellow. Yahoo.

When I was tempted to lash back because I find it so unfair to be ignored and gossiped for something I don’t know I did, my heart gently says talk to Jesus. And so, there I was saying all of the not so nice words I was about to say to Jesus, and it was the best moment with Jesus ever.

When I was tempted to not go to sleep yet because Heart Evangelista is such a brave heart, that’s a new post coming up, don’t judge me yet, my heart says sleep.

So here I am tonight learning to follow my heart and doing so I have to sleep.

Thank you for smiling as you take time to read.


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